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SAAT Engineering Co. founded in 2000 in order to develop and launch news channels and TV/Radio channels, implementation of monitoring and archive systems in media field. SAAT Co has managed to perform numerous projects for digitalizing audio/visual systems in Iran and other countries. SAAT Co. also produces master clocks and professional industrial clock displays.

SAAT Co. goals to utilize modern technology and the leading-edge computer equipment to innovate efficient and user-friendly media systems with suitable price.

 The mission of engineers at SAAT Co. is to use software and hardware capacities to design, implement, and produce media automation and monitoring integrated systems and time display and management systems which have the ability to develop and customize.

 The policy of our experts at SAAT Co. is to gather and observe ideas of users to meet their needs and to provide a great after-sales service pursuing customer satisfaction. 

Main clients of SAAT Co. are 1) news and TV/Radio channels, 2) large and medium enterprises and organizations seeking facilities for media archives, 3) Industrial centers, power plants, hospitals, railway industry (railway, subway, etc.), stadiums and large buildings that need a centralized and coordinated clock and time system.


Designing and implementing TV/Radio channels includes: designing and implementing the Earth system, layout, communication, acoustics, and required bed for installing light equipment, based on studio capacities.
Implementing time synchronization systems for city digital clocks as well as producing and installing large city LED clocks automatically set.
Supplying hardware equipment, especially storages (Storage)
Designing and implementing complete TV/Radio automation from production to broadcast.
Designing and implementing complete newsroom systems
Designing and implementing monitoring systems for satellite channels that include reception equipment, monitoring room, an archive for receipt video, and …
Designing and implementing studio systems and control rooms that include recording and playback equipment, cameras, light, and studio connections.
Designing and implementing digital audio/video archives
Designing and implementing complete satellite and terrestrial signaling systems.
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