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SAAT Co Commerce Department

SAAT Co Commerce department is proudly an active unit that services customers with abroad and national trades. SAAT Co Commerce department is, certainly, the beating heart and front line of every company; this is one of the main fundamental parts of a company.

Marketing and market development:

This department enriches the data bank of the company’s customers, fully aware of prevailing conditions of the market and by considering visible and invisible changes in the national economy. The Commerce department designs and offers professional plans to supply the equipment, cover the requirements, and improve its functionality. This department takes advantage of some policies and plans to improve the company’s sales:

1- Using virtual communities to inform customers in the best way

2- Holding virtual training courses

3- Monitoring customers’ databank

4- Attending exhibitions and conferences

5- Arranging and performing programs for marketing and sale

6- Receiving information from salespersons and analyzing them; checking the useful products in the abroad and national markets to provide SAAT Co customers with the best products

Abroad selling:

Abroad selling unit is a key part of the company. This unit directly affects product advertising and selling; it fulfills all sale activities and steps which start with ordering and continue with LC opening, following up the producing process, transport, and customs. 

National selling:

National selling unit have always tried to have strong communications with customers. We believe that the basis of every good communication is honesty. This unit, in addition to receiving the orders, recognizes customers’ needs and tries to propose the best solutions.

The selling department of SAAT Co consists of 3 parts; SAAT Co electronics, SAAT Co software, and projects:

  • Software selling includes several groups of products:
  • SABA group: Playout, Ingest, Viewer, Studio, Slide TV
  • SINA group: Newsroom, Auto Edit, Prompter, CG
  • SAMA group: Archive, HSM, Convertor
  • SIMA group: DVB, Viewer, Mosaic TV, Recorder, Video Wall, Multi Image
  • SARA group: Workflow, Playout, Logger, Studio
  • Electronics selling includes:
    • Time Automation group: Master Clock, Digital Display, Analog Display, Clock System Software, Attendance management
    • IMA group: IMA Prompter, IMA Speaker Guide
  • Projects; implementation and selling:
    • Design, equip, and implementation of TV/Radio studios, etc. (portable Digital TV Studio and Portable Digital Radio Studio)

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