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  • SAAT Radio Automation (SARA) is an ideal system in which the whole process of creating, producing, broadcasting and archiving of audio files are covered and performed by defined users. All sound resources have a low resolution format considered for preview, high resolution formats suitable for broadcasting, and attached metadata to provide users with a quick and easy access to materials.

    Because of its modular design, it is suitable for a small radio station or extendible for a large radio station.

    This system connects to archive and provides access to both on-line and off-line archived resources and enables users to produce and prepare playlists and even edit produced audio files.


    • All facilities are accessible in one client system
    • Access to metadata and low resolution files in a professional workflow
    • Broadcast formats and standards supported
    • Applying access levels according to users’ requirements
    • Simple interface and proportionate to users’ access levels
    • Receives the outputs of Logger, Phone and Playout systems
    • Messages and alarms to accelerate information transfer
    • Extendible to cover several studios and radio channels with the same software
    • Automated workflow and fast transfer of sound files
    • Server processing to convert between audio file formats 
  • SARA workflow catalog.

    Sara workflow is a radio automation workflow

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