SAAT Solution

Studio Equipments 
In simplest definition of a studio we can say it is a place for producing and broadcasting audio/video contents. Based on this definition, studios may be categorized to broadcast studios and production studios for both TV and Radio channels. Other studios can be introduced as broadcast TV studio, Production TV studios, news, weather, dubbing, radio broadcast and production studios and finally music studios. 

Studio is the place of activity for presenters, artists and some executive personnel such as camera men. 

Control room 
Control room is the place of other personnel's actives and technical equipments are installed here. One of the reasons to separate these two places is to omit audio/visual noises caused by equipments and also noises caused by staffs. And also studio staffs need to have continues connection with presenters and artists. So a large window can be set up between these two places which should have acoustic specification. Beside this direct connection, some special equipment like clock displays, signaling lights and … are used to alert studio and control room staff. 

Text data which should be read by presenters will be inserted to a teleprompter system which shows the text under the lens of camera and by using a mirror they can read it so the viewers think that they have memorized the text. 

Only necessary equipments such as cameras lights, pedestals, microphones, etc. are installed inside the studio and other equipments are installed in control room according to their application and control room layouts. 

Acoustics materials to eliminate noise and echo are the final finishing of both studio and control room. All these conditions have caused the studio design and execution becomes one of the most accurate and most professional jobs in TV and Radio studios.