SAAT Display

Multi task 

SAAT Company offers multipurpose displays of different sizes, making an appropriate device for various uses. It does not only provide a precise time display to fit your needs with synchronization options, but also has optional date, temperature and text crawl messages adjustable in different resolutions. 

Our maintenance free displays with different sizes can be easily used in different places including Radio/TV studios, news agencies, monitoring centers, hospitals, schools, train stations, and airports. These easy-to-install-and-use time displays are very accurate and are especially ideal for critical timing needs such as Radio/TV studios. 

Under the network 
SAAT Co carries an extensive line of time displays and clocks synchronized over an Ethernet network using the NTP protocol. Advanced technology SAAT Display leads to a remarkable cost saving by eliminating the need for expensive coaxial cable installations; a network cable is all that is required. Using the browser interface, simply enter the IP address of the time source and you are ready to go. 


  • Under the network
  • Time receiving from NTP server
  • Time receiving via the network or internet
  • 64 x 16 pixel resolution (T24M06 model)
  • 96 x 24 pixel resolution (T24M08 model)
  • Rack-mount, wall-mount or ceiling-mount
  • Power over Ethernet (T24M06 model)
  • Adjusting the settings via the software & through the LAN
  • Expandable to 3 displays (T24M06 model)
  • Both LAN and EBU ports supported (T24M08 model)
  • Time zone selecting
  • Internal clock with 10 year battery


  • Time/Date/Temperature display
  • Time display beside the tagged text
  • Time display for SABA Playout
  • Fixed or moving text display
  • Announcements display in studios
  • UMD usage
  • Displaying textual announcements