SAAT Master Clock

World clock 

SAAT Master Clock offers a high reliability in providing a precise synchronization of time displays or other devices in organizations that the exact time is critical in any process. SAAT Master Clock, just like most of other master clocks, employs GPS to provide the time reference of this required precision. 

Master clock 
The Clients’ time in the local network are synchronized with the SAAT Master Clock via windows services or NTP protocol. SMPTE/EBU time code converter is used to provide the synchronization of the server time with world clock and master clock. And, utilizing specific software and the related hardware, the server clock is adjusted. 

Local Time 
In addition to receiving the world clock and synchronizing the server time, professional time displays are also synchronized by this system. It has the ability to automatically apply daylight saving time changes. SAAT Master Clock can be simply and profitably used all over the world by just setting the time difference between the local time and GMT. 


  • GPS synchronization
  • Time offset setting to convert GMT to local time
  • Automatic daylight saving times adjustment
  • Receiving the local time, using the EBU standard
  • Adjusting time displays, using the EBU standard
  • Works as time server in the network