TV Automation Overview 
Due to the spread of digital equipments for recording, playback and storing resources in a TV channel it is essential to have an appropriate computerized management and handling. SABA TV Automation, which covers different processes in the workflows of production, newsroom, archive, administration, ingestion and playout, intends to eliminate papers and analog tapes and take advantage of computers in production, storing, access, transferring, ingestion, office viewing and playback of the sources. 

Ingestion and Playout 
Ingest systems are the start point of program producing in the TV Automation system by receiving various input signals and creating video files with different resolutions and qualities. These ingested sources are inserted into the production workflow based on the channel policies and after passing the production steps, it will be finally offered as digital video files. 

The final video files will be sent to the playout systems, automatically or semi automatically and based on the playout Rundown of the TV channel. Playout systems are managed to play live or recorded programs according to the defined structures. Since the speed is a necessary matter, it supports various video file formats with SD or HD qualities while offering sufficient flexibility. 

Edition and Office Viewing 
Program sources, aside from how they are prepared, can be ready for edition in NLE systems. These sources which are from Ingest system, archive or an existing file in the computer, are kept in the central storages and are fully compatible with different NLE systems such as AVID, Edius and Premier. Creation and Edition of NLE projects are precisely supported by TV Automation. 

Recorded programs might need to be reviewed by the concerned people; office viewing or confirmation process will be fulfilled via the TV Automation facilities. In any stage of production or viewing, it is possible to create a shot list and add descriptions for different parts of the program. Shot lists and descriptions will move along with the program in the workflow and are accessible for different users. Thus, the production process receives the sources and materials from ingest system and sends the final produced program to the playout system. 

Automation Workflow 
Some crucial parameters in the TV automation workflow are: Maintenance method, transferring and controlled access to the sources. SABA TV Automation defines and controls the accesses via a managed sharing system and independent from the OS and each user, as soon as entering the system, gains access to resources corresponding to the user’s position in the workflow and defined access levels. On the other hand, these defined access levels will be respected by the NLE systems or any other applications. Hence, there will be no more concerns about resources controlling and handling. 

Even though different parts of SABA TV Automation containing Ingest, Playout, Delayer, Replay and Office Viewer are all integrated to create a perfect TV Automation, they can also be independently utilized. SABA TV Automation makes a great compatibility with other systems such as archive, resource sharing and rough-cut.