SABA Clipper

SABA Clipper is an appropriate efficient tool for live program broadcasting such as live reporting of a sport match. It combines the functionality of a rugged and reliable VTR, with the advantages of file-based workflows. SABA Clipper haspassed rigorous environmental testing to assure solid on-the-road reliability.


Using the facilities available in SABA Clipper, while the video is on-air, users can replace it with the produced clips or a prepared playlist or even jump to an optional time in the current video. Clips created from different programs will be saved and make a rich archive of clips which can be quickly played during live programs.


SABA Clipper provides sophisticated automation, play list, and show-control integration tools. Its intuitive easy to learn and use interface is designed to work with touch screens as well which helps commands to be applied with the most ease and quickness.

Features and facilities:

·         1 input and 2 outputs (1 for live program and 1 for clips)

·         Delay from 0 to 20 seconds for the live program

·         Create clips from captured video while it is on-air

·         Preview of input and outputs

·         1 second scale history

·         capture history window

·         Content-based clip Grouping (Banking)

·         Time code access to history of captured video

·         Slow motion in clip out

·         Create playlist of clips

·         Back to back playing in output

·         Using the previously saved clips

·         Compatible with Jog Shuttle and Touch Screen

·         Access to the archive of previous programs