SABA Ingest

Format diversity 
SABA Ingest system provides an inexpensive seamless solution for ingesting video from different inputs. This system captures videos with different formats from various inputs and signals and converts them to the required formats. It also automatically produces a Low Res file of the video as well as Hi Res. 

SABA Ingest system routes captured videos to the SABA TV automation. These videos also can be used in SAMA Archive, SINA Newsroom and SABA Playout. These video files can even be used when they are still being captured. SABA Ingest can be connected to any other file based system. 

In SABA Ingest, different input signals can easily be selected by user and it can connect to XDCAM in different ways and selected capture settings can be saved as profiles for future use. Using this system, XDCAM resource sharing will be possible by creating an ingest room or through an FTP access. VTR control and batch capturing are two other capabilities of this system. 

Features and Facilities:

  • Various input signals (SDI, Component, Composite, Firewire, XDCAM)
  • Different output formats (MPEG2 I frame, MPEG2 IBP, MPEG4, DV 25 or 50)
  • Other formats can be added due to the software based structure of system
  • simultaneously ingest of two channels
  • Output with high and low resolution
  • Record in 2 or more storages simultaneously
  • Preview of video and audio
  • Bach capture operation
  • VTR control
  • Playback to output (as a simple Playout)
  • Upload MXF files to XDCAM devices
  • Embedded Item manager
  • Compatible with SAMA and SINA
  • Saving profiles