SABA Office Viewer

Traditionally, it was common to use a VTR device and a professional monitor for video office viewing. When digital systems started to be used for audio and video production and playback, computers and customary applications couldn’t provide a qualified office viewing, while it was time-consuming and expensive to convert the digital resources to analog for traditional viewing. SABA Office Viewer offers an affordable professional system for audio and office viewing that simulates VTR, WFM and professional monitor in a digital environment. 

Signal measurement 
SABA Office Viewer is an appropriate replacement with a suitable price which offers a high quality solution for office viewing and surveying the technical aspects and contents of video in computer environment. It offers some facilities like displaying the wave form, color spectrum and professional audio meter beside the video to check the signal standards. Also, faster or slower playback is available to have a faster or more precise viewing. 

Special features 
SABA Office Viewer displays the time code of the current signal on the computer screen and in the output video as well. Creating a safe area, it is possible to observe what the final viewers will see. It also is possible to add a virtual box in a fixed position, in the subtitle position for instance, to avoid the omission of some important parts of the video while playing on air. All facilities can be adjusted corresponding to the usage requirements. 

Features and Facilities:

  • Economical: VTR, WFM and Professional monitor simulation
  • HDMI, Composite, VGA, SDI and Component outputs
  • Displays wave form and color spectrum of the current signal
  • Safe area creation
  • Professional audio meter
  • Time code overlay on the video out
  • Different dbfs audio meters (PPM and VU)
  • Video review with different speeds from 1 fps to 32x
  • Audio and video review in 4x speed
  • Adjusting the position of time code in output
  • Compatible with Jog Shuttle