SABA PlayRec

All in one 
SABA PlayRec provides an ideal integrated environment for record, playback and simple CG purposes covering requirements in a production and broadcast studio. It offers a back to back playback and simultaneous ingestion from input and play list management. The input signal can be set as an item in the playlist along with the recorded files to make a video mixing operation. 

SABA PlayRec makes an exceptional application for playback of various programs such as pre-produced programs, news and advertisements or even has the ability of being used as a delayer for live programs. The output graphical characters are simply modifiable, and some operations will be available during the playback such as reordering the items in the on-air playlist, access to other playlists and search within existent resources. 

Prepared playlists along with related logo and descriptions will be played properly and hence the requirement of an operator for program playback will be eliminated. It can make a small studio by itself; it works as an ingest system and at the same time as a playout beside a simple CG. SABA PlayRec plays a useful role in TV channel for programs broadcast or repetition of previous programs. 

Features and Facilities:

  • A collection of Ingest, Playout and CG systems
  • Works as a delayer for live programs
  • Time duration defining for Ingested files
  • Playlist producing and management
  • Logo and title inserter for output
  • Preview with various playlist editing facilities
  • Management of start and end points in a clip
  • Receives live signals from camera and plays them
  • Affordable compared to its several capabilities
  • Suitable for news, live and pre-produced programs
  • Provides all requirements for a small studio