SAMA Backup


Today, the amount of audiovisual data is rapidly increasing and keeping this high-volume of media files on computer storages for a long time seems to be unreliable and quite expensive as well. An appropriate media device to preserve digital files for a long time should be less expensive, have high longevity and shouldn’t occupy a large space and one of the most long-lasting devices for this purpose are digital magnetic tapes.

Digital preservation

Although digital magnetic tapes are sequential-access devices and are not as fast as hard disks, they have been used as archive devices for a long time and unlimitedly preserving of digital data. Accordingly, SAAT Co has produced SAMA Backup system for institutions and organizations that, in particular, deal with audiovisual data.

Easy Transportation

SAMA Backup is designed to help saving a backup of media files on digital magnetic tapes and providing a proper environment to manage backup tapes. Users can view archive objects’ metadata comprises title, keywords, description and date without loading the tapes. SAMA Backup can be integrated with SAMA Archive and in this case all backup and restore operations can be directly done via SAMA Archive interface.

Features and facilities:

·         Compatible with all versions of LTO and SDLT tapes

·         Supports LTFS 2 standard file system

·         Various file transmission protocols supported

·         Timing and management of backup activities

·         Working with several tape drives, simultaneously

·         Inserting metadata in database

·         Search within metadata without loading the tape

·         Restoring database from tapes if database is removed

·         Archived objects are movable to other system

·         Hinting for retrieving archived objects from tapes

·         Integrated with SAMA Archive and SARA Archive

·         Extended and distributed backup and restore

·         Prioritizing backup and restore requests