SAMA Sharing

Enhanced security 
SAMA Sharing is a file sharing management system which by using regular file sharing system controls the file access. Logging in automation system or SAMA Sharing provides users access to shared files according to their access levels. Defined permissions are applied through media automation systems or any other windows application and if user exits the SAMA Sharing, all assigned accesses will be denied. 

Decreased complexity 
Managed source sharing system, SAMA Sharing, skips common complexities of windows file management system and managing and controlling policies of this system can be implemented in any windows network platform. The permissions are defined via specific application and will be applied by an installed tool service on each system. SAMA Sharing has been tested and assures fully compatibility with SANergy, MetaSAN and StoreNext file sharing systems.

High performance 
Any type of permissions for file access is definable in SAMA Sharing system and it is not restricted by windows permissions and controlling policies. In case of using SAMA Sharing along with TV Automation systems, the user’s access will be related to their duties in workflows and TV Automation and in any case of changes in the user’s position, the access also will be altered for adapting to the new position. 

Features and facilities:

  • Access defining in file level instead of folder level
  • Access defining concerned with each client position
  • Access controlled according to applications
  • Defining access levels based on user names
  • Defining access more detailed than Windows services
  • Advanced permissions defining beyond Windows
  • LAN and SAN networks compatibility
  • Compatible with different file sharing systems
  • Compatible with various NLE systems
  • Fully compatible with Windows applications
  • Centralized access Defining, Maintenance and control