SAMA Workflow

Media assets are the most important possessions in a media-based organization. In this regard, some crucial matters are how to handle the resources, how frequently they are used, maintenance method, metadata diversity, various qualities and how to manage storages and also for media resources, before or after recording, different administration information should be added in addition to description and content metadata. Designers and producers of resource management systems notice the scalability, flexibility and automation of resource management in different levels of storage which is based on resources importance and variety of utilized hardware equipments. 

Work flow 
In SAMA Workflow system, the work flow and jobs are definable in different steps and based on users’ access levels and scalable according to requirements in concerned organizations. The defined work flow is fully flexible and in any step that is needed it can automatically be run or be led by the user. The whole resource information along the work flow line will be saved and kept as metadata and can be traced and reported. 

Using several different protocols, SAMA Workflow is able to connect to other systems and tools in the broadcast system such as Ingest, Playout, HSM, Transcoding and other related systems. Based on MOS protocol, SAMA Workflow provides the other systems whole required processes for producing and broadcasting. SAMA Workflow is fully integrated to SINA Newsroom and gets the automated tapeless news workflow. 

Features and facilities:

  • Defining various fields
  • Defining optional work stations
  • Workflow defining based on work stations
  • Diagram workflow defining
  • Assigning the information fields to work stations in each workflow
  • To complete resources’ metadata in different steps based on the workflow
  • Different user access levels
  • Supporting MOS protocol for resources import and export
  • Fully compatible with SINA Newsroom
  • Including a rough cut system
  • Connected to NLE systems: Avid, Edius and Premiere
  • Supporting different file types (movie, sound, image)
  • Including a dynamic thematic dictionary
  • Supporting various qualities for preview and broadcast
  • Supporting occasional Gregorian, Hijri Solar and Lunar calendars
  • Manual and semi-automated shot list of clips