SARA Solution

Radio Automation Overview 
Radio automation system is an application which combines radio program workflows in an integrated workspace UI. It supports online and offline digital archive together with digital record and playback facilities for both production and on-air studios. All audio materials in both high and low qualities and the respective metadata would be available to any client in the network. Through a network of computers, user duties can be carried out according to their defined roles. 

Production and Broadcast 
The process of sound record and playback is carried out through professional audio tools connected to the audio mixer. The analog equipments are superseded by professional computers and respective software. Featuring a friendly standard user interface, exceptional audio applications are used for sound recording and playback. The whole processing of sound resources such as reporters, phone, radio programs and music are conveniently covered by the digital system. 

Besides high sound quality in the production and broadcast process, supporting various hardware and equipments is effective on system desirability. While an ideal production studio demands for appropriate hardware and software, the broadcast studio requires simplicity as well as stability and in the news producing the key factor is fast transportation and forwarding news to broadcast studio. The radio automation makes an adjustable and modifiable system considering the users’ requirements. 

Archive Management 
In radio program production, instant access to archived resources is vital. Failures to sustain the quality of media persistence devices, limited and lengthy access as well as limited numbers of copies are some of the downsides of the traditional archives. However, using digital archive systems to preserve resources for a long time, not only affords a lower cost, but also provides quick access to archived media and increase in the production and broadcast speed as well as the quality. 

Using digital media for long preservation, in addition to reducing the expenses, speeds up the access to materials, the production process and the broadcast besides improving the quality. Handling the transportation of contents from online storages to offline provides users fast and unlimited digital access to contents and decreases the management costs. 

Logger and Phone 
To evaluate contents of radio programs or rebroadcast of live radio programs it is required to have them recorded with the high quality for future uses. In the radio automation system, the audio logger is able to unlimitedly record the radio channels on a scheduled program and provide users two different levels: low quality for evaluating and the original quality for rebroadcast. And the other usage is producing files suitable for long preserving in the archive. 

All textual or phone communications between users in the radio automation are digitally carried out under the network. And phone calls from the out of the network will be recorded to be used in production and broadcast workflow. Radio Automation will properly fulfill all requirements concerned to audio automation.