SARA On-Air is designed and produced in order to play audio files and playlists of radio programs with broadcast standards. It makes integration with SARA Workflow and can broadcast the playlists received from it and supports multiple simultaneous separated outputs of broadcast standard file formats. It also has the ability to follow the fader commands of the mixer, play announcements and make redundancy between two Playout systems. 

Required hardware equipments to set up a Broadcast Automation consist of two playout systems as Master and Slave and an audio Changeover system which is responsible for selecting the output. Each playout computer acts as a backup for the other one and the playout software of both is run separately. In case of any failure in the Master system, the Slave one continues playing and guarantees a non-interrupted play. 

In SARA On-Air, the status of fader and both playout systems are shown at the moment. This system can be used in redundant mode or without redundancy, play one or two playlists, and be manual or automatic. All these settings are set by Broadcast Automation and according to designated needs. User interface and administration tools will be adjusted matching to the other parts of system. 



Audio changeover features