SARA Softphone

Call center

Regarding the spread of digital systems and computer networks and expansion of IP-based communications, it is now possible to have all data, sound and picture information transferred via a single LAN. Taking advantage of the existing LANs in organizations as the phone network beside other official automation systems will result in more system concentration and less cabling. In this method, a phone center will be provided by using computer sound system and phone management applications.

Call recording

In SARA Softphone, besides saving call records in personal computers, it is also possible to save messages in the server of phone center. This phone center system is able to record a phone conversation automatically or some parts of that or even separately record sounds of each side of the conversation. The multi level Interactive Voice Response (IVR) directs input calls and guides callers for leaving a message or contacting the concerned department/ user.

Compatible with automation

SARA Softphone server is running 24 hours a day and records phone conversations according to programmed settings. Recorded sounds are only accessible for the concerned user or manager via the media automation. Recorded sounds will be classified by pre-defined categories in automation and available for users under their access levels.


·         IP-based stable phone center using the LAN

·         Manual /automatic conversations recording

·         Having the computers as receivers

·         Separate record of each side of a conversation

·         Personal phone book for each user

·         Establishing a call center with no additional cabling

·         Interactive Voice Response system(IVR)

·         Including sound message and sound mail

·         Integrated with SARA and SINA automations

·         Compatible with various softphones

·         Sound editing facilities

·         Transfer and call management