The main goal SADRA system is providing a complete solution and a concentrated convenient environment for satellite TV channels monitoring with aspects of producing channel feeds, recording them and finally archiving as resources for program producers or supervision. Simultaneously, the system provides a live access of watching or recording TV channels for any number of users in a local area network. 

Today, because of the huge amount of satellite TV channels, using the technologies for streaming TV over local area networks seems to be one of important necessities and requirements. SADRA DVRS which is compatible with SAMA Archive and non-linear editing systems facilitates editing and refining recorded videos either in SAAT productions or any other products. 

SADRA DVRS receives several digital TV channels on a hardware card and then records and archives them with the original quality. By using several cards in a computer set, several TV channels can be recorded by just one system. Thus, SADRA DVRS can be extended unlimitedly to receive and record any number of TV channels and now it is being used in some channels to record tens of digital TV channels at the same time. 

Features and facilities

  • DVBT, DVBS and DVBS 2 channels support
  • Simultaneous users’ access to different channels
  • Scheduling for automatic recording
  • Manual recording available for users
  • Monitoring several channels in a video wall
  • Playback of a clip while recording
  • Controlled access to resources for users
  • Archiving the recorded clips for any period of time
  • TV simulation for users in local area network
  • Lower costs by omitting receivers and cabling
  • Flexible, user friendly and easy to install
  • Stable and robust against signal noises
  • Supports encrypted channels
  • Offers multicast stream
  • Non-stop working (24*7)