SIMA Solution

The traditional method for monitoring a TV channel is using a receiver device per each TV channel uses cabling and a VTR device and records TV 


 on tapes to be reviewed by users later. This method for recording and reviewing TV channels can be used by Analogue players that nowadays are not economical due to their high cost and technology transition from analog to digital. 
In recent years most TV and Radio Channels use digital broadcasting technology for better quality and bandwidth control to have more programs on one identical frequency. Therefore, an ordinary computer with several DVB cards can receive and store a bunch of TV and radio channels from a satellite or any digital terrestrial transmitter in SD and HD quality and stream them on network so it can be viewed by online or offline monitoring systems. 

Video Wall 
For watching several TV channels or the screen of the computers in a network simultaneously, a proper arrange in an adequate size in a computer can be used. The display of this computer can be wide and extra-large. In this way, without using any specific hardware and just using software based on IP in the network platform channels/computer screens can be displayed on a single monitor. 
The users of this monitoring system use a single computer device to monitor TV programs and network computers as well and even several channels can be displayed simultaneously and directly. Access to the recorded programs and archiving them will be accomplished by archive system with low cost, but efficient method. 

Considering the spread of VoIP systems, it is practical to employ the existing LAN in a building or organization to establish phone conversations in the building without any telephone devices or additional cabling and just by using computers. And all what is required to have phone connections with the outside of building is adding a phone server which connects to the telecommunication network. 
IP based phones offer some features that might be expensive in usual analog phones. Some of these features are: non-limited number of local phone numbers, caller ID service and automatic call recording. In this phone system computers connected to LAN will be used which eliminates the use of phone device, special phone cabling and analogue call center. 

Digital Building 
Using digital communication like digital broadcasting, not only provides high quality, but also offers various advantages. One of these noticeable advantages is centralizing the equipments in TV/Radio channels or telecommunication networks with a LAN which exists in most of organizations, companies and offices. Stretching these kinds of usages in buildings will result in remarkable advancement in media facilities of a building. 
Nowadays, the role of digital systems is growing in maintenance and management of big residential buildings and organizations, and it is not possible to manage and control the building traffic, security, air conditioning, lighting, and energy without software 


. Merging radio, TV, phone and internet service with other IT based equipments in the building reduces the expenses and offers more efficiency.