Due to lack of proper relation between NLE stations and media automations, NLE operators cannot see textual part of news and so may have some problems in coordinating final videos and textual part of news. On the other hand, outputs of NLEs might be attached to unmatched news in rundown. SINA NLE Automation issues solution to mentioned problems by creating a project corresponding to the related NLEs and providing a perfect coordination between SINA Newsroom and NLE systems. 

Rough-cut tools are used in media automation systems in order to produce clip stories and it provides all the preliminary features of an NLE system which helps user to select some parts of video clips, narrate them and add comments to them. 

Producing projects 
The edited clip story will be produced as a project which can directly be sent to NLE systems for fine cut. In addition, SINA NLE Automation can directly search within items in SAMA Archive and open them in NLE environment after preview. 

Features and facilities

  • Receiving the news text and Rough-cut from SINA Newsroom
  • Producing NLE project for the received Rough-cut
  • Compatible with NLEs: Edius, Avid Liquid, Adobe Premier
  • Integrated with SAMA Archive
  • Observing orders in categorized/uncategorized mode
  • Supporting audio, video, image and text for each track
  • Supporting different formats: avi, mpg, jpg, txt
  • Narration recording for video clips
  • Defining Bookmarks inside the project timeline