SINA Newsroom

Fast and simple 
The main purpose of a news agency is to produce and publish news in the least time in competition with the other news agencies. SINA has accomplished this dream and now is available for news teams as a reliable and efficient tool to help news producers do their works quickly and with the least expenses. And this is a result of designing system in presence of news directors. 

Integrated administration 
SINA, as a news automation system, simultaneously supports more than 1000 of users. Defining operations in any level of system and creating groups of operations, defining users and roles for different groups of users, assigning an operation (access permission) or a group of operations to a user or a group of users and repeal of some accesses are some available abilities that increase the administrator control and centralized management. The administration is applied to all parts of the system and subsystems. 

SINA Newsroom supports MOS protocol and can be connected to other systems such as MAM, Ingest, CG and Playout and also has an automatic user friendly interaction with NLE systems. SAMA and its facilities are all available in SINA Newsroom interface and a messaging module is provided for users connections. Also, statistics module is available to produce different statistic reports to help deciding on plans and policies. These modules are added to system as plug-ins. 


  • Multi track timeline for news story creation
  • Multi track rough-cut to produce the news story board
  • Compatible with NLEs: Avid, Edius, Adobe, Incite
  • Supporting MOS protocol
  • Multi-lingual content and user interface
  • More than 1000 of simultaneous users
  • Supporting text, audio, video and image formats
  • Supporting news comments such as LVO, VC, PKG
  • Assignment based news production and broadcast
  • Defining access levels based on organization chart
  • Defining filters on wires
  • Personal spaces for news organizing, categorizing and handling
  • Customizing all facilities in the user’s personal space
  • Receives news from more than 30 different news sources
  • Receiving news from satellite, agencies, internet and ftp