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SAAT Master Clock

SAAT Master Clock

World clock

SAAT Master Clock offers a high reliability in providing a precise synchronization of time displays and other devices that their exact time is critical in process. SAAT Master Clock, just like most of other master clocks, employs GPS as a universal reference to provide the time reference of this required precision while it can use its internal time or a server time in case that the universal time reference is not accessible.

Server clock

The Clients’ time in the local network are synchronized with the SAAT Master Clock via special time services or NTP protocol. Using the time service, servers and clients in the LAN refer to the master clock and synchronize their own times. SMPTE/EBU standard is used to support professional time displays and send and receive time signals.

Local Time

In addition to receiving the world clock and synchronizing the server time, professional time displays are also synchronized by this system. It has the ability to automatically apply daylight saving time changes. SAAT Master Clock can be simply and profitably used as a precise ideal time reference all over the world by just setting the time difference between the local time and GMT. It also distributes the time signal and creates different time zones.


  • GPS synchronization
  • Using NTP protocol to adjust clients’ times
  • EBU standard output for adjusting time
  • Adjusting time displays, using the EBU standard
  • Time offset setting to adjust the local time
  • Automatic daylight saving times adjustment (DST)
  • Works as time server in the network (NTP Server)
  • Accessible via the local area network


  • Public places like hospitals and terminals
  • Parks, organizations, offices and the ministries
  • Airports, train stations and subways
  • Event logging centers like powerhouses and post offices
  • Firefighting centers, Municipalities and taxi services
  • Server rooms and control and monitoring centers


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