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SABA (Broadcast Automation)


Broadcast Automation (SABA)

Digital video

The spread of digital equipment, increasing amount of media content, and high-speed data transfer on one side, and standardization and constant improvement of digital audio/video on the other side have caused a revolution in the industry of recording, production, broadcast, and signaling. Nowadays, SD/HD pictures and even 4K pictures are widespread, and producing 8K pictures is predictable soon. Proportionate to the growth of production quality, some compression standards like H.264, H.265, and HEVC that rely on the processing capacity of computers, have enhanced the quality without raising the size. And when broadcasting, techniques of high-dynamic-range (HDR) imaging helps to make the best use of the bandwidth. Today, media industry producers provide their customers with their most recently developed professional equipment and productions that offer the latest technology.



PlayRec (Playout/Recorder) systems, which support broadcast standards and SD/HD/4K qualities, record the pictures and play them. SAAT Co. has designed and produced SABA PlayRec for the above purpose, SABA Playout for playing playlists, and SABA Playlive for playing input streams.

With proper hardware equipment, SABA Ingest/Stream records from several signals simultaneously. It works 24*7 non-stop and performs as a logger, too. It can relatively reduce the quality of the recording signal to provide live monitoring while recording. It also receives signals and streams them.

These products provide more integrated professional studios, more centralized equipment, and mobile small-sized studios that keep broadcast qualities.


Visual Radio (Slide TV)

Besides the professional audio and video playouts, which work independently, digital broadcast platforms have provided the ability to integrate and send any type of media content through a single standard bed. Hence, radio signals are transmitted on the same platform as television signals, only with different bandwidths. In the meantime, a new media with a new approach has been born; it attaches a gradually changing picture to high-quality audio and broadcasts them on limited low bandwidth. In other words, a radio channel can change to a visual channel with the least expenses. In this radio, slides of pictures company the audio to add a visual concept to the radio.

SABA Video Playout
Format diversity SABA Playout is a highly reliable playback system that employs software tools to support a diversity of video formats from professional broadcast file formats (SD, HD, 4K) to...

SABA Video Ingest
Format diversity SABA Ingest provides a low-priced seamless solution for ingesting video from different inputs. It makes an exceptional tool to capture videos of different formats from various...

SABA Video Playrec
All in one SABA PlayRec (playback and record) provides an ideal integrated environment for ingesting, playback, and simple CG purposes covering requirements in a production and broadcast studio....

SABA Slide TV (Visual Radio)
Visual Radio Visual radio is a new service in the digital broadcast industry, which intends to add more attraction to the radio. SABA Visual Radio or SABA Slide TV adds some items to the audio in...