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SARA (Radio Automation)

Radio solutions

Radio Automation Overview

Radio Automation system is a network-based solution that integrates radio program workflows in one workspace UI. It supports online and offline digital archives as well as digital recording and playback facilities for both production and on-air studios. All audio materials in both high and low qualities and the respective metadata would be available to any client in the network. Through a LAN, users carry out their duties according to their defined roles.

Production and Broadcast

The professional audio tools connected to the audio mixer processes sound recording and playback. Professional computers and software have superseded the old analog equipment. Radio automation, featuring a friendly standard user interface, uses exceptional audio applications for sound recording and playback. Digital professional audio equipment conveniently processes audio-related jobs such as playing reports, phone calls, music, and radio programs.

A desirable audio production and broadcast automation not only offers high quality but supports various required hardware and software, too. An ideal production studio demands for professionally dedicated hardware and software; the broadcast studio requires simplicity and stability; and in a newsroom department, the critical factor is the speed of file transportation and sending the news out to the broadcast studio. Our radio automation is profitably customizable to meet the users’ requirements in these different environments.

Archive Management

In radio program production, instant time-independent access to the archived resources is vital. Traditional archives would fail to sustain the quality of the media storage devices, could only provide limited and lengthy access to the resources, had limited copies of each resource, and might have many other limitations and downsides. However, using digital archive systems to preserve resources for long term not only offers quick access to the archived media but also provides easy access to any existing quality of the resources from any authorized client in the network.

Using digital media for long-term preservation, in addition to reducing the expenses, speeds up the access to materials, provides faster production and broadcast processes, and enhances the quality. Handling the content transportation from online storage to offline provides users with quick and unlimited digital access to the content and decreases the costs.

Logger and Phone

To evaluate the contents of radio programs or to rebroadcast live programs, it is required to have them recorded with high quality for future uses. In the radio automation system, the audio logger is able to record the radio channels on a schedule, unlimitedly, and provide users with two different levels: low quality for evaluating and the original quality for rebroadcasting. The other usage is producing files suitable for long-term preservation in the archive.

All textual communications or phone calls between users in the radio automation are digitally carried out under the LAN. And phone calls from the out of the local network will be recorded to be used in production and broadcast workflow. Radio Automation properly fulfills all audio-related requirements.


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