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SIMA MultiView

SIMA Multiview


SIMA Multiview application is designed and implemented for receiving and displaying TV channels with the purpose of monitoring and controlling the technical properties of video signals. It provides the display of multiple input streams (SPTS/MPTS) on one or more screens. This application receives, displays, and technically analyzes video signals with formats of MPEG-2, AVC (H.264), and HEVC (H.265), and audio signals with formats of MPEG, AAC, and Dolby.



SIMA Multiview uses the IPs to receive DVB signals of TV channels. Then, it analyzes them with TR 101-290 standard, extracts different parameters of TS signal and analyzes them against first and second levels of the mentioned standard, shows the results, and saves them for future use. If the examined parameters don’t match the standard qualifications, it generates the appropriate audio-visual alarm.



In the monitoring of TV channels with SIMA Multiview, it shows the pictures beside a log of detected failures, in one or more large screens. For having a fast Visual perception, this application uses colors to show the type of detected failure, and there is a clock on the screen. SIMA Multiview, as a monitoring tool, doesn’t only provide logging and alarm handling, but can use the settings to show, log, and save other technical parameters such as Input lost, PID lost, Silence, Freeze, and Black detection, too. This information is useful for future system operation reports.



  • Receiving and showing several input streams, simultaneously
  • Receiving SPTS/MPTS signals
  • Analyzing the inputs and detecting the technical failures
  • Freeze detection
  • Black detection
  • Silence detection
  • PID lost and input lost detection
  • Saving the logs
  • Monitoring TV channels and generating alarms
  • Showing visual alarms
  • Generating audio alarms
  • Showing the system clock
  • Showing audio meter respecting dbfs standard
  • Showing audio loudness for channels
  • Controlling the audio volume of the displaying channels
  • Covering the first level of ETR-290 standard


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